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The latest tweets from An Anti-cheat community offering full support for PunkBuster enabled games including a global ban list for server admins. even when I never cheated in BF! PBBans Beginners Guide Welcome to PBBans We now offer a multi-streaming option by using the PBBans Hub which features live banning, live banlist updates, live ban removals, log forwarding, server greetings, generic cvar scanning and much more. PB enabled servers for ranked pbban guid or official are mandatory, streaming to pbbans is not. Welcome to PBBans, the PunkBuster multi-stream and live banning pioneers. B) At regular intervals, the master server pbban guid checks with the PB ban-list-server. We (PBBans) will deny the appeal made through our systems due to the above reasons.

We are not supported, affiliated or endorsed by Even Balance / Punk Buster. ua server: Domain age: 5 Years, 322 Days Domain created: 26th-Jan- Domain updated: 17th-Jan- guid Domain expires: 26th-Jan-. I know you guys are trying your best, but it&39;s not working with bans pbban guid from EB, GGC, PBBans, and ACI. com lookup results from whois. Pbbans states this under your GUID: "PunkBuster Global Ban The entered GUID is globally banned by Even Balance.

com, everything&39;s ok, pbban guid no ban, but i can&39;t play bf3, it says check evenbalance, no solution EA you gotta do something about this, think about your reputation. A pbban guid troubleticket with Even Balance is the only thing that can help you. The only reason your pbguid appears pbban guid on the PBBans ban list is because you joined a PBBans streaming server direcly after Even Balance activated the global GUID ban on your pbguid. This document will guide you through setting up cvar & Md5 scans provided by PBBans to create as clean a gaming environment as possible. Our PBBans Hub now offers multi-streaming and live banning for all Punkbuster supported games. GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN d1400708 I&39;ve checked on pbbans.

But I bought a new PC and apparently the anti-cheat decided that my GUID was compromised and I was banned. But I am really unsatisfaied with the support and really would appreciate to be able to play a game whenever I want to, after investing 100, EUR! PBBans caches global ban data therefore this check may not pbban reflect the correct global ban status. Is there a tool that can do this? Lord, you&39;ve got to appeal at EB. Punkbuster Global GUID Bans do not show up on any official list.

By MaydaX 2,656. Leading 3rd party anti-cheat community offering full support for PunkBuster enabled games including a global ban list for server admins. EA cannot appeal it for a EB and PBBans.

PBBans has actually done you a favour by letting you know that a global GUID ban has been issued on your pbguid by Even Balance, there will be a lot more players. I&39;ve tried dia2dump and dumpbin, but with no joy. The PBBans Hub now offers pbban guid multi-streaming and live banning pbban guid for all Punkbuster supported games. EA and BL Mods, please understand how PBBans and other anti-cheat communities function. com server: Domain pbban age: 17 Years, 58 Days Domain created: 17th-Oct- Domain updated: 26th-Nov- Domain expires: 17th-Oct-. BUT we are still streaming to the COD4 servers and your GUID will still be banned from the COD4 servers. and you can see it also on pbban guid pbban guid my quote, its not that good!

ua server: Domain age: 5 Years, 322 Days Domain created: 26th-Jan- Domain updated: 17th-Jan- Domain expires: 26th-Jan- PBBans Technical Support Assistance with Punk Buster by PBBans staff and other members. By MaydaX 1,856 Battlefield 1942 - Windows. Join our friendly community today. Problems are with people from different countries (I am from Russia and we have a lot pbban guid of such bans). I&39;d just like to know the GUID of the PDB so I can be certain that it&39;s mismatching and not just a PDB that&39;s perhaps corrupted somehow. PBBans Hub Streaming Guide Revision 1. org lookup results from whois.

Wudi, the quote you posted from another person HAS a global ban from EB. Battlelog is a free social platform that ties into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 and lets you socialize, track stats, plan your next game, and more from your web browser! com looks for the messages as people join, and will keep a cached list of them, but just because you are not listed by GGC or ACI or PBBans doesn&39;t mean you are not Global GUID banned. pbban guid So the members that were removed from the clan for being pbban guid on the PBBANS list are now clan members again. Welcome to PBBans, the PunkBuster multi-stream pbban guid and live banning pioneers.

Global PunkBuster Ban Global GUID bans are issued and maintained, exclusively by Even Balance. Am also experiencing curious PBBans. Le PBBans Hub est l&39;idéal pour streamer des serveurs publics et est plutôt simple à mettre en place, même pour les administrateurs de serveurs de jeu les moins expérimentés. Public Bank, a complete one-stop financial portal, offering a range of accounts, pbban guid credit cards, loans, deposits and pbban guid other financial aids for our personal and commercial customers. Looks like pbbans was not updated when you looke at it, because I just searched your GUID and pbban guid you are indeed globally banned. The PBBans Hub utilizes the PBUCON facility that is part of PunkBuster, but it must be stressed that the only Rcon commands it uses are hardcoded into the PBBans Hub and Rep and no admin can pbban guid send any other rcon commands to your server via the Hub, please take the time to read this: click me. Reject absolutely pbban guid everyone. Make sure to add any information to it that you think will help your cause (don&39;t forget your GUID).

Your GUID contains highly encrypted fragments of your product code and is presented as the identity of YOUR GAME. 41 NOTE 1: PBUcon est la propriété EvenBalance Inc. Many thanks, thoughton. com enforced an Unofficial Cross Game MBi Ban for the GUID b1f96305. We offer server admins the ability to stream to multiple pbban guid anti-cheat sites by using the revolutionary PBBans Hub, which features live banning, live banlist updates, live ban removals and much more. guid PBBANS is a third party anti cheat site and admins decide whether they want to stream their servers to pbbans as pbban guid long as they pass vetting procedures. Anti-cheat community offering full support for PunkBuster enabled games including a global ban list pbban guid for server admins and leagues.

; ******************************************************** ; PBBans MBi for Red Orchestra 2 ; Generated on. By MaydaX 14,715 0. Third party anti cheat sites such as PBBans have no input nor control what so ever re global GUID bans, so using the PBBans appeal system to appeal a globally banned GUID is useless for all parties involved. NOTE 2: Vous N&39;AVEZ PAS BESOIN de télécharger l&39;utilitaire pbucon. I pbban guid did not pbban guid use cheats. guid and getting E_PDB_INVALID_SIG when passing in the GUID i expect when trying to load the PDB. If you get pbban guid a new GUID you will be clear to play on our servers. You know it when you see the message when you try to play.

Quake Wars - Windows. com enforced a MBi Ban for the GUID 7394d95f. PunkBuster anti cheat software is one of the best on the market, and with the additional help that PBBans provides via cvar & MD5 scans, that are pbban guid available to all our streaming game admins, will ensure that. PBBans Hub Streaming Guide. I was banned, allegedly for multihack. com appeal it on pbbans, but dont hold your breath. Evenbalance do not provide a public list for global bans.